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how can one retrieve the key(s) of an action set in the InputMap, in gdscript?
I search for something like that:

var array = InputMap.get_scancodes("ui_accept")
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InputMap use InputEvents, you can use InputMap.get_action_list("action") to get an array of InputEvents for that action.

Compare those events with the type and other details you are looking for (only KEY type have scancode).


answered Apr 12, 2017 by eons (7,764 points)


can I display those InputEvents like the according consts: e.g. KEY_F2
When I print this, it looks like the following:

[Device 0 ID 0 Event: Key Unicode: Scan: 16777245 Echo: False  ... ]

But I guess I have to write a custom script, where I add stuff to the InputMap and also adding stuff to some Dict, so I can combine it with names, and display it the way I want ..

Thanks anyway ;)

You can put all the numeric constant names on a file and check them there

I don't know if there is another way (but you may need that for things like translations anyway).

You can get the string value of the keyboard scancodes as follows:

for action in InputMap.get_action_list("ui_up"):
    if action.type == InputEvent.KEY:

Only InputEvent.KEY (InputEventKey) actions have scancodes.

whoa ! this is helpfull

for action in InputMap.get_action_list("ui_up"):
    if action.type == InputEvent.KEY:

but it didn't work in 3.1
so i change

if action.type == InputEvent.KEY:


if action is InputEventKey:

it works

thank you all,
thank you Hammer Bro

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I created a node that can convert keys to text.

it creates this output:
left = A
right = D
down = S
up = W
fire = Left mouse button

extends Node

var actionStartsWith ="player"

var messageFormat = "%s = %s"

func getKeyFromAction(action):
    var r = ""

    for a in InputMap.get_action_list(action):
        r += OS.get_scancode_string(a.scancode)

    return r

func getAllActionsAndKeys():
    var ret = ""

    for action in InputMap.get_actions():
        var actionString = str(action)
        if (!actionString.begins_with(actionStartsWith)):

        actionString = actionString.replace(actionStartsWith, "")

        for a in InputMap.get_action_list(action):
            if (a is InputEventKey):
                ret += messageFormat % [actionString, OS.get_scancode_string(a.scancode)]

            if (a is InputEventMouse):
                ret += messageFormat % [actionString, getMouseButtonText(a.get_button_index())]

            ret += "\r\n"

    return ret

func getMouseButtonText(index):
    if (index == 1):
        return "Left mouse button"

    if (index == 2):
        return "Middle mouse button"

    if (index == 3):
        return "Right mouse button"

    assert false    
answered Dec 9, 2018 by DavidPeterWorks (190 points)
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