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I would really like it if someone helped me with this, I've been trying for the last 5 days, and it's getting quite annoying. Please don't send links, (seriously I've read them all and I can't figure this shit out)

A simple save function that would saving everything in a scene, and then when switching to another scene not having it "reset" every time.

ex: I have a label, and I click 5 times to add 5 score to the label. But when I switch to a different scene, and then back to the previous it resets back to 0.

As well as closing the app, then reloading, and having all of the levels you completed saved.

I really wish someone would make a video about this, would help a lot.
Ive looked in so many places for this, (sounds pathetic right) the docs, times other people asked questions etc.

please just a very understandable explanation.

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What have you tried so far? What does your code look like? What part(s) of your system are not working?
A blanket explanation of how to save/load data would be no different than what you would have found in all the things you've read, so that would do little good.
The concept itself is straightforward, but the particular approach is going to be different for each game.

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You can solve your problem in two steps.

Feel free to ask more question about following those guides.

Sorry, I had to give you links, unless you want me to copy-paste their contents here :P

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