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I wanted to use an TextureButton and use the Click Mask. First Problem was to import and use an Bitmap. Even if I created the Bitmap in my Programm and the File Typ ended with .bmp, the ending for Bitmap, I could drag the file from the FileSystem to the Clickmap slot.
I found an workaround to reimport an .png to an Bitmap in the Tab "Import". There was an option for Bitmap in the drop down menu. I click it an reimport. First the program closes itself and open again, that was wierd. Than the Image file type where still png. Netherless I tried it out and I could drop it in. And as I tried it out it does work. BUT the Inspector is now kinda brocken as you can see it:

Bitmap dropped in the ClickMask

It is now fixed at this size. You can use it but some content are clipped.

Will the ClickMask be fix in the future? And why use Bitmap?
It is just an black and white image.

Godot version 3,5
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