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So my project is almost ready and workable except for the scene. This one just can't be loaded no matter what I tried (I set it as main scene, pasted it on a working scene, tried to load and preload - nothing works).
Could you tell me possible reasons which could let to it?
To make it more clear I have these on the scene:

  • 1 animated sprite
  • 5 Area2D objects (they work as buttons)
  • A RichText
  • 1 autoplayable music
  • 1 sound using while the text is printering
  • 3 combined sprites

This is the problematic scene

Godot version 3.5.1
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Do you have any errors that the debugger or similar programs put out?

How are you trying to change the scene? Specifically, post the code that's responsible for the scene change...

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(Solved) The problem used to came out because of an audio file, whose length is too short to be played I presume. So when I replaced it with another longer audio file it suddenly started working.

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