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I have a generic MeshInstance3D node (let's call it MyNode). When I try:

$MyNode.mesh = Mesh.new()

I get a console error

Required virtual method Mesh::_get_surface_count must be overridden before calling.
Required virtual method Mesh::_get_blend_shape_count must be overridden before calling.

What am I doing wrong?
The issue happens both with and without a loaded mesh resource.

Godot version 4
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I've not used v4, but maybe you have to create a type of mesh, e.g. CylinderMesh.new().

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gdvirtualgetsurfacecountcall: Required virtual method Mesh::getsurfacecount must be overwritten before calling

gdvirtual seems to be an autodesk file, I'm importing a glb from blender and having a similar problems

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