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I have encountered many people suggesting me to use kinematicbody instead of rigidbody, even though rigidbody has built in physics. And as the title suggests, you can turn rigidbody into kinematicbody anyway. So what's the pros and cons of these 2?

Godot version 3.5.1
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A RigidBody moves by itself based on physics forces. A Kinematic body is normally only moved manually (e.g. moveandslide()), but can still collide with Rigid/Static bodies.

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It's a tradeoff between degrees of control. KinematicBody is easier to control, while RigidBody participates in the built-in physics but is much harder to control accurately.

If you want more control, use KinematicBody. If you don't need much control, and want Godot's physics capabilities, use RigidBody.

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