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So essentially I am creating status effects, when a button comes up I then want to be able to hover over the button to show what the status effect does. I got it to work for 1 button but when I add more buttons to the container the newest button seems to be the only one to show in the label. Though when I trouble shoot the .is_hovered() buttons they print to the console so it is strange.

var psnBtn = Button.new()
var bleedBtn = Button.new()
var stunBtn = Button.new()

func entertree():
psnBtn.icon = load("res://Sprites/PoisonIcon.png")
psnBtn.flat = true
bleedBtn.icon = load("res://Sprites/BloodIcon.png")
bleedBtn.flat = true
stunBtn.icon = load("res://Sprites/StunIcon.png")
stunBtn.flat = true
$BattleSceneCanvas/EnemyStuff/StatusGrid.add_child(stunBtn) #testing purposes

func func _process(delta):

func statusButtonHover():
$BattleSceneCanvas/statusLabel.text = "Poisoned, Take 1 Dmg Until Cured!"
$BattleSceneCanvas/statusLabel.visible = true
$BattleSceneCanvas/statusLabel.visible = false
$BattleSceneCanvas/statusLabel.text = "Bleeding, Take %d Dmg at the Start of the Next Turn" % (round(player.getAtk() * .25))
$BattleSceneCanvas/statusLabel.visible = true
$BattleSceneCanvas/statusLabel.visible = false
$BattleSceneCanvas/statusLabel.text = "Can't Attack for 1 Turn"
$BattleSceneCanvas/statusLabel.visible = true
$BattleSceneCanvas/statusLabel.visible = false

I feel like this is pretty straight forward just not sure what I am missing. Thanks in advance!

Godot version 3.4.4
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It's difficult to say because of the code formatting, but is it because your last button, in the last "if", is setting the label visibility to false if it's not hovering, thus hiding it even if another button is being hovered? I would only set the label visibility to false before all the "if"s, and then set it to true if required by any of the buttons.

That did work, I knew it was something simple I just added an if that checks if all of the buttons are not hovered then set visibility to false.

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