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Hey there, I am currently working on an enemy, which inherits from a regular node. I wanted to use moveandcollide to create the movement, but as my enemy does not extend KinematicBody2D, I cannot use it. Does anybody maybe know an alternative to this?

Godot version 3.5
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Is there a reason it inherits from a regular node instead of KinematicBody2D? If not, I recommended changing its parent type to KinematicBody2D and that will let you use move_and_collide

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Move the enemy manually by adjusting their position, and give them an Area2D to check for collisions.

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# move_towards
func _process(delta):
    if (target - position).length() > 2:
        position = move_toward(target, delta * move_speed)

# lerp
func _process(delta):
    if (target - position).length() > 1:
        position = lerp(position, target, delta)
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