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I am making a runner game which has weapons and i made a invantory system for the wepons. Then when i tested, the inventory GUI wasn't showing text and images that i procedurally loaded. The code looks like this

func update_inventory():
#clear to minor the chance of any duplicates
$"CanvasLayer/Main Menu/Inventory/Panel/weapons".clear()

# set inventory hud
for item in inventory.size():
    var itemimg = load("res://Images/Weapons/"+inventory[item]+".png")
    $"CanvasLayer/Main Menu/Inventory/Panel/weapons".add_item(inventory[item], itemimg , true)
    print("updated inventory")
    if $"CanvasLayer/Main Menu/Shop/Panel/weapons".items.find(inventory[item]):
        $"CanvasLayer/Main Menu/Shop/Panel/weapons".set_item_disabled(item, true)
Godot version 3.3.3
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I don't have an answer to your problem, but I can offer a suggestion for clearer code. The line for item in inventory.size(): can be changed to:

for item in inventory:
    var itemimg = load("res://Images/Weapons/" + item + ".png")

The elements in an array can be iterated over without having to get the size of the array. Hope that helps.

Have you checked the Output window for errors? You can't just call "load("png")".

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