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I know this is a very simple question but I'm new to vectors and calculating them so I just get confused.

I have an NPC scene with AnimationSprite that has four animations: up, down, left, right and I have a player that I want to basically turn the NPC towards (by playing correct animation). I have both NPC position and player position and I just can't figure out how to calculate whether the player is on the right, left, above or below and I don't want to just make dozen if statements. So how do I calculate that? I know the answer is right there and it's very simple I just can't visualise it.

Godot version 3.5.stable
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I solved it by making Idle animation for the NPC with animationPlayer instead, and just input (player_position - npc_position).normalized() as vector for animationTree.

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Try the following and you can replace global_transform.origin with position the former is used to show interchangeability with 3D

var animations = {
    Vector2.UP : "up",
    Vector2.DOWN : "down",
    Vector2.LEFT : "left",
    Vector2.RIGHT : "right"

func face_player():
    var origin = $Player.global_transform.origin - global_transform.origin
    var animation = "idle" # default animation
    var distance = 100 # default distance

    for face in animations:
        if origin.distance_to(face) < distance:
            #update distance to the lowest value
            distance = origin.distance_to(face)

            # choose animation
            animation = animations[face]


For some reason just know there's an easier way, can practically feel it in my bones yet this is all that comes to mind right now.

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