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I have found hundreds of references to this, but not really what I'm looking for. Some don't work, and most seem to be copies of each other.

I would like to have many Rigid bodies that directly affect each other realistically based on weight, mass, gravity, linear velocity etc. WITHOUT my having to code all interactions. Yay, Godot does that.

But, I'd like my Kinematic player to be able to affect them (by imparting impulses?) on colliding BASED on my player's "weight, mass, velocity etc", AS IF the player was another Rigid body.

AND be realistically affected by the Rigid bodies as well.

I DO NOT want to lose the moveandslide() of my player and have to code all that from scratch!

Is there something simple I've missed? I've tried to simply attach a Rigid body spec'ed right to my player in various ways, including joints, with dismal success...

Godot version 3.5
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Using a rigid body for the player is probably the way to go. You can use the addcentralforce method instead of moveandslide. I'm sure it would take a lot more code to make a kinematic body act like a rigid body than it would to get an something similar to moveandslide working on a rigid body. Kinematic bodies are unaffected by physics at all.

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