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Sorry that this question is not tightly related to Godot, It just got banned from blender help forum too :D

Does anyone know what components of 3d model are most responsible for its size in Kb ? For example : I have a model with mesh 2000 polygons in total, divided into 14 separate objects , 35 bones, 7 animations for all bones rot-scale with 4 keyframes each, mesh is parented to bones by vertex groups, 3 materials, no textures, 2 shape keys.

Whole model weights 3000Kb. I wish to have hundreds of models like these in my project, so I need to know, what should I optimize first and foremost. Maybe I could make some component shared by all models.
I read somewhere, that it is always worth to join whole mesh into one object. Why is that ? It seems to affect size in small way. Are there other benefits ?

Can anyone elaborate a bit on this topic please ?

Godot version 3.4
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