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How would I convert the below code in Godot 4 to achieve the same result?

func apply_horizontal_deceleration(delta : float) -> void:
velocity.x = lerp(0, velocity.x, pow(2, -40 * delta))

Thnak you!

Godot version 4.0 Beta 1
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What results are you getting? Neitherlerp nor pow functions should not differ between versions.

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Your problem is that you should be using lerpf instead of lerp
for example, your code should look like:

func apply_horizontal_deceleration(delta : float) -> void:
velocity.x = lerpf(0, velocity.x, pow(2, -40 * delta))

I struggled a lot with this problem aswell and I found this works

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thanks for your answer! it helped me

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