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So I'm using the borderless mode and I'm using a custom made title bar to drag the window around. Everything is working just fine as long as I don't set the window's size to match the screen's resolution.

Once I do, it's like a fullscreen mode is automatically enabled and it locks the drawing of the window to the position (0, 0). Changing the window position by dragging the custom made bar doesn't affect the window's redraw position. The window's position does change as intended since I can interact with the window where it's supposed to be but unfortunately the gui is displayed at the wrong location.

I checked in case if the fullscreen or the maximized booleans were somehow filled to true when resizing to the screen's size but it wasn't the case. I looked in both the OS and the Viewport for some option that could have been triggered but I found nothing so far.

Thank you ahead of time for helping me solve this issue.

Godot version 3.5
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