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i have a jump animation that consists of spring action frame before moving to the jump frame. when i play this jump action it goes too fast and you cant see the spring action. is there a way to add say a time delay between the 2 frames or some kind of method to hold the frame for a second longer before transitioning to the next frame?

i tried using input action released - however this holds the frame as long as the you hold down the action key indefinitely. is there a way to instruct the input action released function to yeild after a second or so?

this is the desired effect i want :

this is the code i have so far but its subject to change :

bear in mind im still learning in godot . any help would be appreciated

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Do you want like this
I can't explain the details because there are a lot of things I do, you better see for yourself the code I made
source code

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You can use animation player over animated sprite.
Just add new animation with frame channel, and You can choose time between every image manually

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i appreciate your suggestions . ill look into it. however, a fellow user on here by the name RAMAZAN also answered this question. but his answer was remeoved or he removed it himself . if Ramazans looking at this . could you please re-post your answer too thanks

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