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so i would like to import a mesh as a collision shape, but the load menu says that the only supported file types are .res, .tres, and .shape. none of these are available in blender and i cant seem to find ANYTHING on ANY of them online.

what progam can i use to export in these types?

Godot version 3.4.4.stable
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Unless I misunderstood the question
import object
load the object into the scene and click on the object
look scene up "Transform - View - Mesh". Click mesh (Create Trimesh Static Body )

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If I remember correctly you can add suffix -col (or -coll, don't remember) to another model in Blender and after exporting it Godot will automatically use that model as collision shape. Just bear in mind that more complex shapes can be performance heavy so use simple shapes with not too many triangles. You can also do that for animated objects but personally I don't recommend doing that because simple shapes like a classic capsule shape can do the job much better.

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