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How to open a sceneA (.tscn) directly in the editor (not when playing the game but when editing it) using other sceneB with a script (.gd)?

The sceneB is using the "Tool Mode" (tool in the top of script) and have a button with the relative path of sceneA.

The idea would be to click the button in sceneB and open the sceneA for editing directly in the editor, in a new tab.

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I don't think a simple tool can interact with the editor, you may need to make a plugin and with the EditorPlugin use edit or edit_resource.


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Another option that involves a lot less work would just be to create an EditorScript that gets the EditorInterface during the _run method and uses it to set the current scene in the editor. You can then easily run it by going to the ScriptEditor, opening the script, and hitting Ctrl+Shift+X to run it.

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