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I'm learning the Godot engine and starting to play in 3D.

Why is the collision shape not aligned on my cube?

The cube was created in Blender with the origin at the bottom middle of it, as you might do when creating assets.

When I add a Collision Sibling, the Collision Shape fits the cube (in a faint blue line) but also adds a bit at the bottom (shown in an orange box)

Screen grab of Box.tscn (left) and World.tscn (right) with instances of Box.tscn.

Screen Shots

Godot version 3.4.2
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Did You apply all transforms in blender ?

Yes, mesh transforms applied in Blender.

Top screen shot is the imported model in Godot, origin bottom centre and no Collision Shape.

Bottom screen shot is the imported model in Godot (origin bottom centre) with Collision Shape (Collision Shape moved along the X axis). The Collision Shape fits the cube but has an orange area around the origin which offsets the mesh?

Imported box in Godot
Imported box in Godot with Collision Shape

This doesn't happen when you create a Mesh Instance because the Mesh Instance origin is in the middle of the geometry.

Box Mesh Instance

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When I first ran the game it looked liked the offset added to the bottom of the Collision Shape (in the viewport) effected how the cubes are in contact with each other, but on closer look this isn't a problem -

Box contact

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