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I was wondering, many engines have a way to catch a mouse click and drag. Does Godot have a for instance a event.dragged ?

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It does have drag-and-drop functionality.
Take a look at the Drag & Drop GUI demo project.

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I'll take a look.
I am looking to have an object only move towards the mouse if the left button in held down. Would that be something different that drag and drop?

Yes it is.

You will want to take the subtract the object position from the mouse position to get a vector. Normalize it, multiply in the speed, and then add it the existing object position. And repeat this every frame.

Something like:

var heading = (mouse_pos - object_pos).normalized()
var new_pos = object_pos + heading * speed * delta

I'm affraid it's more complex than that: mouse coordinates are given in the screen space and in your case you are interested by the global coordinates in your game ! Except if your camera is static and your screen coordinates ARE your world' coordinates... Otherwise I guess you should use http://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/learning/features/2d/2d_transforms.html?highlight=screen%20coordinates

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