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I've add a CanvasLayer and added a Sprite, Area2D and CollisionShape2D as child nodes.

I cannot get any of the children in the CanvasLayer to receive mouse input events. Only the root node is receiving input events.

Why is this?

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does your area2d have the "pickable" property enabled ?

I have the same issue as him and in my case I have "pickable" property enabled, in fact, if I move the Sprite>>Area2D >>Collision block outside the CanvasLayer it works perfect. But I'm not able to make it works inside the CanvasLayer

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I have the same problem. Does anybody have any clue?
I tried to explore the c++ sources but didnt succeed

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I don't think this is the best solution but this is the workaround I made to detect clicks on a joystick node that is child of a CanvasLayer. I have a structure like this:

  • mainNode

    • World

      • Player

        • Camera2D
      • Monsters

  • UI (this is the CanvasLayer)

    • health

    • menu

    • joystick (I want to manage click here)

      • joystickBtn

What I did was:

  • Add a script on the "joystick" node
  • Manually detect clicks by position
  • If click position belongs to the area I want, I call a function from the Player node

Sample code for joystick node (Godot 3):

extends Node2D
onready var joystickBtn = get_node("joystickBtn")
var btnPos = Vector2(0,0)
var btnSize = Vector2(0,0)
var btnRect2 = Rect2(Vector2(0,0), Vector2(0, 0))

func _ready():

    # Generate a Rect2 on the place we want to manage click
    # For this example the are will be obtained from a button
    btnPos = joystickBtn.get_global_position()
    btnSize = joystickBtn.get_size()
    btnRect2 = Rect2(btnPos, btnSize)     

func _input(event):
    var player = get_node("/root/mainNode/World/Player")
    if event is InputEventMouseButton: # If event is mouse click
        # Get click position
        var clickPos = Vector2(event.position.x, event.position.y)

        # If event is pressed and position belongs to btnRect2
        if event.pressed and btnRect2.has_point(clickPos):
            player.my_custom_function("arg1", "arg2")
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For this I used ColorRect node as background and changed the atribute in "Mouse" - "Filter" from "Stop" to "Ignore". And my input events start to work like a charm.

I think its usable for every node in Control family as they have Mouse/filter parameter

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The problem in this case is that the CanvasLayer where the object is located blocks the input_event. Your solution works when it is a Control node that blocks the object.

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The only solution I have found is to have all objects that make use of input events in nodes that inherit from CanvasItem like Node2D or Control, but never inside a CanvasLayer node, which inherits from Node and blocks all input events.

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