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So i use an area2d to check if the player is close enough to a chest. If the player is close enough then a speech bubble will appear with "open chest" printed on it. But the problem is that whenever the player enters an area2d the signal gets sent and the speech bubble appears. I have made sure that the chests signal gets sent to itself and that no other area2ds signal gets sent to the chest.

Edit: solved it.

Godot version stable mono 3.4.4
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Not possible. Show the code, everything about signal :)

Heres the project if you feel like looking through it: https://github.com/N0nken/Godot-project-debugging because its gotten pretty big now.

Don't be lazy, format and post parts of code with signal introduction, emission and reception

No theres just so much and im not the best at godot (so i might accidentally changed some settings which caused it) so im afraid i might miss the part thats actually causing it.

If You post the code related to this one particular signal I will be able to tell, if the problem lies in signal handling or in some miscellanous stuff.
I need the code of script where signal is connected and method on signal receive.
If I won't find any flaws, then I might dig into your project more

Which "other" area2D do you believe is triggering the chest area2D code?

Unless you have accidentally linked the wrong script this shouldn't happen.

alright i'll put the code in the post.

Wait nvm I solved it. Thanks for trying to help though.

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