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how to add event for dynamic object?

func _ready():
    var csg = CSGBox.new()
    ... ?

func _on_Area_input_event(camera, event, position, normal, shape_idx):
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But if there are many objects, how to find out which one was clicked ?

var spheres = [
    {"x": 1,"y": 1,"z": 1},
    {"x":-1,"y": 1,"z": 1},
    {"x": 1,"y":-1,"z": 1},

func _ready():
    for s in spheres:

func addCSG(s):
    var cs = CollisionShape.new()
    cs.shape = SphereShape.new()

    var a = Area.new()
    a.connect("input_event", self, "_on_Area_input_event")

    var csg = CSGSphere.new()
    csg.transform.origin = Vector3(s.x, s.y, s.z)


func _on_Area_input_event(camera, event, position, normal, shape_idx):
    if event is InputEventMouseButton:
        if event.button_index == BUTTON_LEFT and event.pressed == true:
            print(position, shape_idx)
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When connecting in code, you can pass additional parameters. In this case, you can pass the object itself:

func addCSG(s):
    a.connect("input_event", self, "_on_Area_input_event", [a])

func _on_Area_input_event(camera, event, position, normal, shape_idx, area):
    # Now you have access to area as well
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