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I am trying to modify the vertex colours of a mesh at run time. I am using the MeshDataTool to access the mesh details so that i can change the values. On the desktop it worked fine, however on iOS ( built it on ipad mini 2) it throws an error. The code i am trying to execute is

    var meshData=MeshDataTool.new()
    for vertexIndex in range(meshData.get_vertex_count()):
    var mesh=Mesh.new()

the error log for iOS build
[1;31mERROR: createfromsurface: [0m[1mCondition ' arrays.empty() ' is true. returned: ERRINVALIDPARAMETER
[0;31m At: scene/resources/meshdatatool.cpp:52.[0m
[1;31mERROR: meshaddsurface: [0m[1mCondition ' arraylen==0 ' is true.
[0;31m At: drivers/gles2/rasterizer
[1;31mERROR: add_surface: [0m[1mCondition ' len==0 ' is true.
[0;31m At: scene/resources/mesh.cpp:262.[0m

Is it not possible to use the MeshDataTool on iOS. it runs without any problems on desktop? Is there something else im missing here? meshNode does have a mesh assigned to it. I ran a print(meshNode.getmesh().getsurfacecount()) and it returned 1.
i printed out the surface
getarraylen and it gives the proper value which is 36 in my case.

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