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So far, everything I have done resulted in an error with this version giving me this error:
Attempt to call function 'position' in base 'null instance' on a null instance.

extends Position2D

var rngx = RandomNumberGenerator.new()
var rngy = RandomNumberGenerator.new()
func _on_Button_button_down() -> void:
    var x = int(rngx.randf_range(0,1024))
    var y = int(rngy.randf_range(0,600))

Just in case, here's my nodes so far

What should I do?

Godot version Godot 3.5
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1 Answer

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Your error happened because if incorrect reference to position 2d node. No $ is needed when You use self

about buttons itself, all control nodes use rect_position instead of position

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