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I've been trying to use the append method in my array but it doesn't seem to exist
(I think my declaration is right)

public int[] segments

all I want is to add entries at the back of the array

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Here you go:

var array = new Godot.Collections.Array<Node>();
array.Add(new Node());

var list = new System.Collections.Generic.List<int>();
list.ForEach(i => GD.Print(i));

The Godot Array is best for Godot Types (Nodes, Textures, etc.) and the .NET List is good for everything else (float, int, string, etc.).

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Thank you man
I'll let u know if it worked

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You'll want to use Add(). See here.

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Should I create a class or something?
because its still doesn't work

and maybe can u please show me practical use of the method

Sorry, I don't have access to a Mono build of Godot ATM to do any testing, but it should work exactly as expected.

Based on your initial snippet above, I'd expect this to work:

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