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Hello, I'm following a Youtube tutorial on how to design an inventory system. I'm not getting any errors, however I can't get anything to appear in the player's inventory. It should go like this:

  1. Player moves to area and clicks a button
  2. A new child of the label type gets added to a grid container which is attached to the player
  3. Grid container should display all items currently in the inventory.

The problem is that I can't get the grid container to add any labels, even though items seem to be getting added to the _items array. When I try printing the array after adding an item I get this output:

[{item_reference:[Resource:1308], quantity:50}

that appears about 100 times or so.

Inventory script:

extends Resource

class_name Inventory

signal inventory_changed

export var items = Array() setget setitems, get_items

func setitems(newitems):
items = newitems
emitsignal("inventorychanged", self)

func get_items():
return _items

func get_item(index):
return _items[index]

func additem(itemname, quantity):
if quantity <= 0:
print("Can't add less than 0 items, ya schmuck!")

var item = ItemDatabase.get_item(item_name)

if not item:
    print("Could not find item, ya schmuck!")

var remaining_quantity = quantity
var max_stack_size = item.max_stack_size if item.stackable else 1

if item.stackable:
    for i in range(_items.size()):
        if remaining_quantity == 0:

        var inventory_item = _items[i]

        if inventory_item.item_reference.name != item.name:

        if inventory_item.quantity < max_stack_size:
            var original_quantity = inventory_item.quantity
            inventory_item.quantity = min(original_quantity + remaining_quantity, max_stack_size)
            remaining_quantity -= inventory_item.quantity - original_quantity

while remaining_quantity > 0:

    var new_item = {

        item_reference = item,
        quantity = min(remaining_quantity, max_stack_size)


    remaining_quantity -= new_item.quantity

emit_signal("inventory_changed", self)


GameManager script:

extends Node

signal player_initialised

var player

func ready():
if not player:

func initialiseplayer():
player = get
if not player:
print("That player path was wrong, ya schmuck!")

emit_signal("player_initialised", player)

player.inventory.connect("inventory_changed", self, "_on_player_inventory_changed")

var existing_inventory = load("user://inventory.tres")
if existing_inventory:

func onplayerinventorychanged(inventory):
ResourceSaver.save("user://inventory.tres", inventory)

InventoryGrid script:

extends GridContainer

func ready():
initialised", self, "onplayer_initialised")

func onplayerinitialised(player):
changed", self, "onplayerinventorychanged")

func onplayerinventorychanged(inventory):
for n in getchildren():

for item in inventory.get_items():
    var item_label = Label.new()
    item_label.text = "%s x%d" % [item.item_reference.name, item.quantity]

ItemDatabase script:

extends Node

var items = Array()

func ready():
var directory = Directory.new()

var file_name = directory.get_next()
    if not directory.current_is_dir():
        items.append(load("res://Items/%s" % file_name))

    file_name = directory.get_next()

func getitem(itemname):
for i in items:
if i.name == item_name:
return i

return null

Item script

extends Resource

class_name ItemResource

export var name : String
export var stackable : bool = true
export var maxstacksize : int = 1

I'm sorry if my blockquotes aren't including all my code, I am not sure how to fix it. Thanks in advance!

Godot version 3.4.4
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The code looks OK to me. Are you sure that the Grid is visible such as it's height/width is not zero for example?

That could be the issue! How would I check that? Would I hardcode the dimensions of the label somehow?

Sorry, I misread your question. Currently I have a control node with a child of type panel set to fill rect and a grid container as the child of panel. I'll make sure that I have the grid container's size set properly. Thanks for the suggestion!

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