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So, I'm working on some audio generation stuff, and I have problems generating low notes. C4 anda round works fine, but down at C2 (65.41 hertz), I get wierd audio.

I took the Audio Generator Demo and played around with that to see if it would work there. Turns out I get the same issue. I tried playing a sequence of notes (C2,D2,D#2,F2, G2) to see if it sounds normal or not, but nope.

I have no idea what's going on here. My sample rate is 22050.

Here's my slightly modified code from the Audio Generation Demo:

extends Node

var sample_hz = 22050.0 # Keep the number of samples to mix low, GDScript is not super fast.
var pulse_hz = 65.41
var phase = 0.0

var playback: AudioStreamPlayback = null # Actual playback stream, assigned in _ready().

var notes = [
var note = 0
var t = 0

func _fill_buffer():
    var increment = pulse_hz / sample_hz

    var to_fill = playback.get_frames_available()
    while to_fill > 0:
        playback.push_frame(Vector2.ONE * sin(phase * TAU)) # Audio frames are stereo.
        phase = fmod(phase + increment, 1.0)
        to_fill -= 1

func _process(_delta):
    t += _delta
    if t > 1:
        t = 0
        note+= 1
        if note > notes.size() - 1:
            note = 0

        pulse_hz = notes[note]

func _ready():
    $Player.stream.mix_rate = sample_hz # Setting mix rate is only possible before play().
    playback = $Player.get_stream_playback()
    _fill_buffer() # Prefill, do before play() to avoid delay.
Godot version 3.5
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