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For example
We defined a base_enemy scene including some nodes, implemented some common behaviors in the script.

When it become to define specific enemies, how to share the common script and node from the base_enemy and modify or add some more behaviors.

It seems it can not extends a scene,.

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It seems it's a request feature requested by many users.
Will it be available in the 3.0 release?

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In 2.1.2 you can create a scene that inherits a base one by using Scene -> New inherited scene.
Then you choose the base scene so you can start editing with it as a base (which is the same as having the root being a scene instance with editable children).

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Thanks, this is almost what I'm looking for.
The nodes structure is inherited by this way, but the scripts are shared, to make a inherited script, I think it's possible to extends the base script and attached to the inherited scene.

Yeah, you can extend a base script by using extends "res://path/to/script.gd" And then you can set this new script as the script for that new inherited scene.

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