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I set my timer node as set_one_shot(true). And when the timer hits 0, it queue_free() the base node (Rigidbody2D) But now everytime I load the scene godot crashes. It gets even weirder. If the Rigidbody2D scene is loaded in another scene. It deletes it self, in the editor window!

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didn't you use tool keyword?

Yes i used the tool keyword. Sorry I didn't include that bit.
Infact I probably should have included the code that came with this whole issue.

extends KinematicBody2D
var delayt = Timer.new()

export var delaydeath = 3 

func _ready():
    #Set up a timer node

func _fixed_process(delta):
    if delayt.get_time_left() == 0:

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Tools run in the editor, you are running a tool that deletes itself in-editor.

Is ok what you see, the crash may be produced because the loaded scene removes the root inside the editor as you wanted with that code.

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