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Hi, I have made moving platforms for my platformer in which there is a kinematic body with two tweens attached to it,one for moving the platform and one bringing it back and it continues in a loop.

But what I have noticed is that it does not detect collision and stop while its changing its position.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Godot version 3.4.4 stable
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If I understand correctly, your platform is a KinematicBody and you you want it to stop when it collides with something? What can the platform bump into that would make it stop? Platforms may support only one-way collisions, so do you want the platform to stop when something lands on it, or is it a block that supports collisions in all directions (like bumping into a wall)?

First of all, if you are using Tweens to move a kinematicbody using their position member, I think that is your issue as to why collisions aren't occurring. move_and_slide and move_and_collide are designed to move Kinematicbodies and have them stop when they bump into something.

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Use Areas to detect the collisions.

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