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Is there a way to import a sprite sheet and split it up? I'm not talking about animation. I have a big sprite sheet with 100 objects in it, each sprite 16x16 pixels. it would be very painful and time consuming to export each single one of them. Unity has something quite useful for this, you go import settings, sprite mode -> multiple and it splits up your sprite sheet into single sprites but I cannot find a function like this in Godot.

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I'm not aware of an in-built way to slice a spritesheet into individual files. That said, there are any number of spritesheet slicer tools available (both commercial and free) in the wild - unrelated to Godot. One of them might be the easiest solution.

Otherwise, it probably wouldn't be too difficult to write a tool script for Godot to do the heavy lifting.

Also, you could also check Godot's Asset Library for something of interest. There are at least a few things listed there that could be helpful (?).

There's also this video...

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