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extends KinematicBody

export var JUMP_FORCE = 12
export var GRAVITY = 35
export var MAX_FALL_SPEED = 50
export var MAX_SPEED = 5
export var y_velo = 0
var facing_right = 0

#The game is a 2.5D Platformer, so I locked the Z axis
func _ready():
    move_lock_z = true

onready var anim_player = $Graphics/AnimationPlayer

func _physics_process(delta):
    var move_dir = 0
    if Input.is_action_pressed("move_right"):
        move_dir += 1
    if Input.is_action_pressed("move_left"):
        move_dir -= 1

# warning-ignore:return_value_discarded
    move_and_slide(Vector3(move_dir * MAX_SPEED, y_velo, 0), Vector3(0,1,0))

    var just_jumped = false
    var grounded = is_on_floor()
    var roofed = is_on_ceiling()
    y_velo -= GRAVITY * delta

    if y_velo < -MAX_FALL_SPEED:
        y_velo = -MAX_FALL_SPEED

    if grounded:
        y_velo = -0.1
        if Input.is_action_pressed("jump"):
            y_velo = JUMP_FORCE
            just_jumped = true

    if roofed:
        y_velo = -0.1

    if move_dir < 0 and facing_right:
    if move_dir > 0 and !facing_right:

    if just_jumped:
    elif grounded:
        if move_dir == 0:

func flip():
    $Graphics.rotation_degrees.y *= -1
    facing_right = !facing_right

func play_anim(anim):
    if anim_player.current_animation == anim:

how do I implement acceleration and deceleration into my 2.5D platformer game?

Godot version 3.4.4.stable
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Have you looked at the Platformer article by Kids Can Code for any help?

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