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Wanted to ask, as soon as i display game over i want all the back ground and foreground to go black...how can i do this.

I tried,
var colorblack = Color(0,0,0,1)

but it only sets the back ground black.


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What do you mean by "foreground"? There is no foreground beyond what you actually put in your scene.

Yeah sorry thats what i mean. Over everything i have put...how can i make it all black..n just show gameover

Just add a sprite-node. In the dropdown menu of "Texture" select "New ImageTexture". Click on the little arrow on the right of the dropdown menu and change the size there.
it must be the last object in your scene tree, then it covers everything else.

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If 2D, use a CanvasModulate node to tint everything to black (with a Tween, AnimationPlayer, etc.).

Add to another CanvasLayer the nodes you keep apart from the CanvasModulate effect.

Clear color is the color used to clear the video buffer.

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