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so my problem is that i need my player character to be able to stand on a block, which i have as a rigidbody cube. so far im able to push it around, and ive made a raycast so that i can jump while standing on it, but whenever i try to stand on it the cube is pushed out of the way and i go to the floor

my character controller only references isonfloor() in the jumping function, so i think that this is an issue with the types of node i used, or something with them

can anyone reccomend:
a way to maybe a kinematicbody detect a rigidbody as the floor,
some setting or script i can apply to the rigidbody,
another type of node to use for the block,
a way to make the block effect the players movement,
or something else that i havent thought of

thank you

Godot version 3.4.4.stable
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Are you using move_and_slide? If so, try setting the last parameter infinite_inertia to false.

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thank you so much friend now all my game mechanics are in order!!

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