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hi, i am new to godot and i need some help.

the game is a 2d side scroller game.

my character carries a torch the map is dark by a canvas modular node and in the map there is an item that i can pick up when i collide with. i want when this item gets picked up the energy parameter of the light2d on the torch to increase and show more of the map.

thanks in advance for help.

Godot version 3.5
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Since energy is just a property of a Light2D node, if you have a valid reference to the node you can change it like this:

$Light2D.energy = 2.0 # set the value to twice the default

The above assumes you have a Light2D node called Light2D as a direct child of the node containing the above code. If that doesn't match your scene setup, you may have to season to taste to get a reference to your node.

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