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Hello I've been following a youtube tutorial
to make me a multiplayer game but my android wouldn't connect to the server host on the PC nor the PC connects to the server hosted in the mobile. The PC does detect a server connection in the server browser on a mobile but the mobile does not detect a server hosted in the PC but it doesn't mean the game's peer has been connected when joining the server. Hadn't tested mobile-to-mobile yet but I want to focus on cross platform if I can get it to work.

I've already set its Internet and Change Wifi Multicast State permission on Android export enabled (look on video tutorial timestamped here) but I always get connection timeout. Does it need port forwarding, VPS, or a VPN in the matter? I also want to know as well why the Android export wouldn't connect even I set its selected permissions to true.

I want to assume that this guy actually used port forwarding in order for his multiplayer game to connect cross-platform? This doesn't mean the permissions enabled would connect me and I needed more configurations outside the project using various methods(VPN, port forward, VPS, dedicated server)?

I wanted to know how to set them up for the cross platform thanks.

Godot version 3.4.4
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Hello! Have you been able to solve this?

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