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Hello everyone.
I would like to know how this engine implements common (but still platform specific) tasks, mainly for GUIs, graphics and audio.
I mean, does it exist a wrapper around the native OS libraries?
In example, for the UWP, is there any directx and xaml wrapper?
What about android and ios (which are opengl es)? Do the engine provide a wrapper for theyr GUI widgets?
And for linux and mac? Which librares are wrapped to for gui, opengl and sound?

Thanks in advance for either.

Bye, Ivano.

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Godot has wrappers for functionality needed for games: sounds, graphics, input, networking etc, so the engine can provide a unified API for making games independently from the platform.
The implementation details can differ for each platform, for that you can have a look at https://github.com/godotengine/godot/tree/master/platform

Currently Godot doesn't provide any native widgets beyond its window, because the engine has its own cross-platform widgets rendered through OpenGL already and input handling (wrapped from OS), so there is no need for more.

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So, to summarize, almost everything (except the GUI) there are wrappers.
Is this true for directX as well?
AFAIK, everything in the engine is Opengl es.

2.x has GLES2, and 3.x will have GLES3. If there is none of these on the target platform, I think there are/will be wrappers using ANGLE.

Thanks a lot.

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