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I am currently iterating over a dictionary in order to print some values to labels. However, the dictionary does not iterate in the order which I have written it out. Is there a way of forcing it to do this? Bear in mind I still need to access the dictionary. I tried:

for item in range(0, dict.size()): 

Although this would iterate in the correct order. It does not allow me to access the dict as item is an integer and not the key anymore.

Thanks in advance.


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In general, very few programming languages provide Dictionary structures that are ordered by insertion time. That's because dictionaries are intented for fast key=>value access, not iteration in order. For that purpose, Arrays are often used instead.

However, Godot Dictionaries got insertion-order iteration (like you expect), but I can't tell if that was added for 2.1.2 or 3.0. If it's in 2.1.2 then it would be a bug, unless I miss something.

The code you wrote won't work. On an array it will, but not on dictionaries (unless your keys are really integers going from 0 to size, but then using an array would be better).

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Oh right thanks,

I got around it by having a dictionary item that was an array of the keys so that I could make the information appear in the order I wanted.

Thanks for replying!

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