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I'm trying to make a zombie follow the player only on the X axis, Look:

extends KinematicBody2
var zumbie = self
var speed = 2
onready var target = get_parent().get_node("Player")
func _ready():

func _fixed_process(delta):
var direction = (target.get_global_pos().x - zumbie.get_global_pos().x).normalized()

But gives this error: Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'normalized' in base 'float'.

Can someone help me?

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normalized() is a function to call on vectors. You are taking only the x values of your vectors (which are float). Remove the .x part of your positions and it should work.

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If you want the thing to follow only on the x axis, eliminate the y value before applying the motion.

func _fixed_process(delta):
var direction = (target.get_global_pos() - zumbie.get_global_pos()).normalized()
direction.y = 0

thank you! :D

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