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I have the following code in a node and have a timer node named "Monster_Timer" as its child node

func _on_Monster_Timer_timeout():
    if timer == 1:
        timer = 0
    timer += $Monster_Timer.wait_time

the wait time is 0.05

When I run the code, the number keeps rising even when it reaches 1.

What's wrong with the code??

I solved the issue
First, the code works fine when the wait time is 0.5
So I changed the code into this:

if int(timer) == 1:
    timer = 0

I guess when the wait time gets small, something goes off

Godot version 3.4.4
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Another valid way to fix this would be:

if timer >= 1:
    # do stuff

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This is either due to floating-point precision (use is_equal_approx() to compare floating-point numbers between each other), or because the timer is never going through the 1.0 value due to it being updated once per rendered frame only.

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