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I tried using the code below but it doesnt seem to work as intended. Im trying to make a really bouncy ball projectile that will change shape depending on its speed. Any advice would really help!

func integrateforces(state):
var counter = [false,false,false,false]
var veclocity = abs(linear_velocity.y)

if veclocity >= 400:
    if counter[0] == false:
        $Skin.scale.y += 0.025
        counter[0] = true
    if veclocity >= 600:
        if counter[1] == false:
            $Skin.scale.y += 0.025
            counter[1] = true
        if veclocity >= 800:
            if counter[2] == false:
                $Skin.scale.y += 0.025
                counter[2] = true
            if veclocity >= 1000:
                if counter[3] == false:
                    $Skin.scale.y += 0.025
                    counter[3] = true

if veclocity <= 1000:
    if counter[0] == true:
        $Skin.scale.y -= 0.025
        counter[0] = false
    if veclocity <= 800:
        if counter[1] == true:
            $Skin.scale.y -= 0.025
            counter[1] = false
        if veclocity <= 600:
            if counter[2] == true:
                $Skin.scale.y -= 0.025
                counter[2] = false
            if veclocity <= 400:
                if counter[3] == true:
                    $Skin.scale.y -= 0.025
                    counter[3] = false
Godot version Godot Version 3.2
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You´re thinking too complex.
Try something like this:

$Skin.scale.y = 1 + abs(velocity.y/400)
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This worked, thank you so much! lol I really did complicate it

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Animation is a lot easier.
You will just create the sprites variations and change them as you fit.

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