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Been trying to create my own "table" using UI elements, such that it will have two columns. When one of the columns is clicked, both will light up as if clicking anything on the row has the same effect.

To do this I need some sort of Panel to cover each HBoxContainer. I basically have a VBoxContainer with a bunch of HBoxContainers and inside of those I have two labels each, both Fill and Expand are checked off. This gives a decent table look, but without any background. Thus I made each HBoxContainer a child to Panels to hopefully give them backgrounds, however, these Panels end up having 0 height.

I was wondering if anyone here would have an idea of how to fix this? Adding Expand to vertical made it expand to the entire size of the VBoxContainer when I want it to only cover its "respective" size.

Any help would be appreciated!

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You can try altering the minimum size of the panels in the node's Rect menu in the inspector

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