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I disconnected signal between area2D(Items) and node(Health).
This area now should not emmit signal into that node.
I am not sure why is it happening.
There are no "connect" methods used.3Images to show what I mean.

Please, feel free to ask me.
Thank you


Godot version 3.3.3
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Have you tried closing and opening Godot? Sometimes that fixes problems like this one.

Did You disconnect this signal via editor or via code ?
Do You get an error if You change name of receiver function ?

Befofe Ive disconnected it via editor.
Disconnecting the signal via code does the trick, but now I have unnecessary "disconnect" function in my code.

Updating to 3.4.4. and restarting did nothing.

Thank you for help

If you're sure you're not connecting the signal in your own code...

I'd probably poke around in the individual scene files (*.tscn) looking for an suspicious signal connection. Signal connections will look something like this:

[connection signal="area_entered" from="HeadCollider" to="." method="_on_HeadCollider_area_entered"]

I assume there's still something connecting the offending signal.

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