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I'm looking for a way to close a PopUp using a button.
(the PopUp is used to close the game)
Has anyone got an idea how i can do that?


Godot version 3.4.4
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Your question is too generic. What do you mean by a button? a control node button? in that case use signals. an input keyboard button? then use an _input() function.

How to trigger it is not the issue? maybe you dont know how to "hide it"? in that case if its a control node, a simple .visible = false could do?

Please try to be more specific to see if I (or someone else) can help you

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I used a node button to activate the pop-up using popup()

You click the "Quit game" button.
It opens a pop-up with two node buttons.
The code I currently have is:

extends PopUp

Func On_QuitGame_clicked():

Func on_QuitYes_clicked():

func on_QuitNo_clicked():
Pass #I got no idea what to use to close the pop-up again 

Can I do something else to explain my problem? :)

Then a simple self.visible = false should do the trick!

edit: the same can be done with self.hide(), and you dont even need the self reference I think, but havent used godot for a time now, so dont quite remember

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In the Asset Library Projects download either of 2D Platformer Demo.
You'll the example of what you want and there is script too.

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