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So I'm trying to change what a label says through script, but it overlaps some other parts of my game but I don't know how to make a new text line in script.

For example:

$Node2D/HSplitContainer/Hair/HairButtons/Label.text = "Coleur de Cheveux"

Overlaps part of the game which needs to be shown. Is there a way to make it appear like this in the editor?

Coleur de
Godot version 3.4
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The \n escape sequence allows you to write a line break in a string.

Here, you'd need to use the following syntax:

$Node2D/HSplitContainer/Hair/HairButtons/Label.text = "Coleur de\n Cheveux"
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Thanks for the response! Worked perfectly! Now it'll be a lot easier to translate from English :)

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