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So I want to add a settings icon like you see here at the top right corner. And I don't want camera movement to impact it. It needs to always be at that spot.

Godot version 3.4.4
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Thank you. I actually had figured this out and hid the question but your answer came before I could hide. BTW the links you posted are broken.

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i think you can try code a movement for the icon so it always moves the opposite of the camera movement
or a function which sends idefinetly the icon to his x,y coordinates

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This is a poor way to resolve the issue. You should use a CanvasLayer node and put your HUD nodes as a child of the CanvasLayer node instead.

Hi I am OP. I tried this solution(Canvas Layer) but it's not really working. I have just moved my project to viewport because I was also doing split screen. And this way even when player moves the viewport stays in the same place so my UI also stays in the same place.

But the canvas layer I wanted to try out. But it's not working. Do I need to enable something? I'll keep trying.

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