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I have managed to use an event to allow a user to change keymappings as part of the menu. I have a saved config file and I want to make sure when the user logs in the changed key settings stay in place. To do this I have saved the scancodes of the keys selected as part of the event but I am having problems using the scancodes to change the key mappings the next time I log into the game.

Can anyone tell me how to either convert the scancode into a form that I can use to change the keymappings or else how to use the scancodes directly to do this?

Godot version 3.5
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As some context this is the code I have tried

scan_code = $"/root/GloVars".move_left
var new_k = InputEventKey.new()
InputMap.action_add_event("move_left", scan_code)

but it fails with the error

Invalid type in function "action add event" in base inputmap. Cannot convert arguement 2 from int to object

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Try changing

InputMap.action_add_event("move_left", scan_code)


InputMap.action_add_event("move_left", new_k)
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Oh thats embarrasing. Thank you it worked!

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