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Have you ever thought that Godot might be a cult?

If yes, do you think it's a good or a bad thing?

If you think that it's a good thing, do you see any downsides to this?

If you think that it's a bad thing, what do you think must be changed?

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Godotminati :)

Sure, watch this video, perhaps it may answer some of your questions. :)

I don't have anything to worry about. I replied thinking you were joking.

Sure, this was just a joke, nothing to worry about. ;)

But regardless of whether it's a joke, it would be nice if people could write their joke answers to this question as well!

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Godot is definitely a cult, there exist many facts which confirms this. I used to contribute to Godot's development for the past five years, and I say this from the inside-out perspective as someone who used to maintain Godot (yes, I was an actual maintainer of Godot). Read my free eBook and you'll figure out why:

Waiting for Blue Robot

Some characteristics which Godot definitely has on the surface:

  • Existence of charismatic leader(s): Juan Linietsky and his subleaders such as RĂ©mi Verschelde, Godot community shows unquestionable devotion to them.
  • Godot is extremely welcoming to newcomers, almost too caring: love bombing.
  • Godot fixates on fund raising and inviting new users and contributors. Godot is promoted everywhere by cult members, even in places unrelated to Godot, such as Unity forums. Godot leadership also founded a bunch of commercial companies around Godot, such as W4 Games, Lone Wolf Technology, Prehensile Tales, etc.
  • Godot is presented as innovative by Godot leadership, telling community that it's going to be the next big thing: "The engine you waited for", as it says on Godot's official website.
  • Godot is offered completely free of charge using the most permissive MIT license. Cultic groups expect you to give back by offering you something free first. This is not unique to Godot of course, but Godot leadership propagates an idea that freedom is at the core of Godot's alleged success, and many Godot followers believe that being free is the most important benefit of Godot over other solutions.

However, once you get to contributing stage, this is where things start to get negative. Only those who have previously contributed to Godot's development or someone from outside of Godot community will resonate with the following:

  • Mismatch of words vs actions: Godot leadership constantly depicts that Godot's development is governed by some kind of election, where users think that they can vote for features, which is false, or when they say that Godot's development process is true meritocracy.
  • Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished: just look at the number of thumbs-down for this Q&A question!
  • Godot has elaborate rules, even redundant: look at Godot's Code of Conduct. It's quite long compared to other community guidelines, just look at Blender's guidelines, for comparison: no mentions of gender, race, etc. Godot leadership highly encourages reporting breaches for events that you witnessed yourself, even if you're not part of the conflict, and Godot's CoC also works outside of Godot community, which is total control over behavior (such as: what you say in private with someone about Godot can also be reported to CoC team, even if such private conversation takes place outside of Godot community).
  • Us-versus-them mentality: Godot followers often believe that commercial game engines want to control and take over the industry, so they want to reclaim control.
  • Community members of Godot dedicate inordinate amounts of time to Godot, often neglecting their own goals, such as making an actual game. This is one of the reasons why you don't see hit games made with Godot.
  • Godot leadership induces guilt in contributors: discouraging them to compare Godot to any other game engine, talking about Godot's governance model is punished.
  • Godot followers actively follow Godot's development, to the point of fearing to miss out, and feel abnormally obligated to promote Godot on their own.
  • ... other stuff which I cannot mention here, because this requires quoting, and quoting is frowned upon, especially if you talk about actions of Godot leadership to show their hypocritical behavior.

You can find the rest information in my book. Expect this post to be downvoted to hell by cultists of Godot, or be removed altogether.

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