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i'm trying to save a 3d player's location by making him touch a save point within a game and then load it again from where it was .
but i don't know how to find the player's coordinates ( x ,y ,z ) to save it .
i watched in youtube and i tried with this code :

i think the error in position

to save :

var game_data = { }
var x = Position3D

func ready():

func savedata():
var file = File.new()
file.open(savefile, File.WRITE)

to load :

var file = File.new()
if not file.file
data = {

        x = Position3D

file.open(save_file, file.READ)
game_data = file.get_var()

if he touch the save point , it will turn it into a scene " save a game "
there are two buttons yes and no
what i do in the yes button?

please help

Godot version Godot_v3.4.4-stable_x11
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The ways you get position in godot are for 3D


for anyone looking this up in the future the equivalent for 2D is

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thanks but didn't know how used it

i wont to store it's value inside a var and save it

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