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I have been trying to get the player to move to x point without input from the player. I have tried many things but settled on just the lerp function. but run into a few issues with it so far. I have sort of got it to start working but it will not go up on the y axis.

        direction.y = lerp(global_position[1], hook_position[1], 0.009)
        direction.x = lerp(global_position[0], hook_position[0], 0.009)

I have already made sure that I effectively turn off the gravity in the scene, I also have checked to make sure that the positions for both global_position and hook_position are valid.
(note this is all in 2d)
Thanks for any help you can provide!

Godot version Godot v3.4.4
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One option that you might or might not have tried already is to use a tween for this.

You could add this to your player node:

var tween

func _ready():
    tween = Tween.new()

and then when you want to move automatically (over a duration of, say, 1.5 seconds) you can run this on the player node

tween.interpolate_property(self, "global_position", global_position, hook_position, 1.5)

The syntax for the interpolate_property function is:

(Node with property you want to lerp, Name of property you want to lerp, Initial value, Final value, Duration)

Also, it's not exactly a lerp, since it eases in and eases out to make the motion not be jerky at the start and finish.

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